Door closer installation Dubai

Mostly in the commercial areas where managing the door is important for maintaining the cooling of the rooms, homes, and offices the closing of the door become a serious problem. Although many people do not give attention to these tiny details and therefore wonder about the high electricity bills. Small installation and repairs at homes and offices can lead to saving a lot of your money on the electricity bills. The door closer is one of them and you

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Key suppliers Dubai2

As the population of Dubai increasing day by day, the security issues are also increasing. Therefore many locksmith companies make sure that residents of Dubai receive a good and secure security system for their homes and offices. As many locks are installed there would be as many keys as well. For that reason, many people ask for their key solutions to lock making companies and locksmiths but at Fahad Lock Repairing, we have a key supplier Dubai staff.

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Car trunk unlock

Car Trunk Unlock

The car trunk is a storage space at the back of the car for keeping the stuff and travelling. This part of the car sometimes not get in use due to car owner’s choice and many times the car owner store spare wheel, car tools etc. there. The CNG kit is also installed in the car trunk so the car can run on CNG and petrol both. The car trunk is a useful space which can be utilized

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Car spare key Dubai

Car Spare Key Dubai

Car spare key Dubai is making multiple or single copies of car keys for your convenience and ease. Car spare key Dubai is done by an expert locksmith; it required professional and experienced locksmiths to make a car spare key. Car Spare Key Dubai making by Fahad lock repairs Dubai: Fahad Lock repair and installation service provides the best car spare key Dubai services. Our professional locksmith is an expert in fixing broken car locks, making car locks

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Car ignition lock repair1

Car ignition lock is the lock which starts and stops the engine of the car. This lock starts and stops the car as well. For the better security of car, the ignition lock key is made with the special coding which is difficult to copy as well as required skilled locksmiths to make a copy of these car keys or car ignition lock repair. The car ignition locks are designed in a way that entire engine and

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