Extra Security Locks Door

As security issues are rising day by day, people like to be more secure as well. That is why peopleextra security locks door1 are installing more locks on the single door. It is not necessary to have multiple locks to increase security and have an extra security locks door. Especially when it comes to the main door of the house people like to have a security edge by not installing security alarms, CCTV cameras, digital locks but also extra security locks door. Nowadays many people are spending more money on security than ever.

Types of Extra Security Locks Door by Locksmiths Dubai install:

1. Deadbolt door locks:

Deadbolt, deadbolt or deadlocks are locking mechanism which is different from the other locks, these locks open and close only when the lock cylinder rotates with the key in the complete rotation. That is why these locks are expensive than other locks. It has an extra security lock doors which are difficult to break, the round handle of deadbolt locks resist the handle breaking and these locks are durable as well.

2. UPVC door locks:extra security locks door

UPVC door locks are the simple locks which are installed usually on single doors which are attached to the wall. It has a cylinder lock and handles to open and close the door. The uPVC door locks are very commonly used in houses and offices as well as many commercial places such as hotels, schools, restaurants, motels, hospitals, gyms, shops, etc. The uPVC door locks are not only economical but also durable as they have to perform a simple door locking purpose and very commonly used worldwide.

3. Latch installation in locks:

What is a LATCH? The latch is a metal made mechanism which is attached to the door and the wall so that the house owner can partially open the door and see outside without opening the whole door. The latch has two parts which are when joined together work perfectly and partially opens the door.

4. Installing bolts in the door:

The bolts are installed in the door to maximize the extra security locks door and therefore multiple bolts are installed.

Wide Range Of Services​​

Wide Range Of Services​​

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