Balcony Door Lock Repair Dubai

If you have a set of Balcony Doors you may find that over time the locking mechanism becomes difficult to operate. This is usually a sign that the doors may need realignment, the lock mechanism needs a service, gears may have broken or they just need a good service. With a replacement set of doors retailing, it’s probably a better idea to call Locksmith Dubai have your Balcony Door Lock Repair Dubai and doors serviced regularly than have the expense of having to purchase replacements. We can service all styles of Balcony Doors, along with all types of Balcony Door locks and locking mechanisms, including Multi-Point locks. Balcony Door Lock Repair Dubai

Balcony Door Lock Repair Dubai by Locksmith Dubai

Wear and Tear

Using a set of Balcony Doors will eventually lead to wear over time as they are high traffic items and in constant use. They will become misaligned, drop or be increasingly hard to slide open and closed. Handles may also fail with age or break off completely and dropped Balcony Doors may be so bad that they fail to close at all. If you have lost your Balcony Door Keys call Locksmith Dubai, as a professional locksmith, we can replace any keys and also cut spares if required, all this can be done on-site or at your property.

Balcony Door Lock Failure

If your Balcony Door Lock has completely failed, is jammed or is becoming stiff we have the experience to carry out any repair, all gathered from over 10 years in the business.

Balcony Door Security Upgrades

Locksmith Dubai also offers Balcony Door security upgrades on your existing Balcony Door. We can fit Anti-Snap locks and also insurance approved locks to comply with your policy schedule. We can also add additional internal patio locking bolts for much more protection against burglary and forced entry. As we are based in Dubai we are local to you, which means we can on average be with you at your property within 30 minutes. All our work is fully guaranteed, we offer the best workmanship and quality in the area, we are Police Checked and also voted the #1 Which Trusted Trader in Dubai.

Fully Stocked Vans

In the best-equipped van in the Dubai we have a huge range of stock, so you can be assured we have the correct lock and spares to replace worn items on any UPVC, Aluminium, Steel or Composite Balcony Door Lock system. We also stock everything needed to service and repair your French Door and French Window locks.

Faulty Balcony Door Repair

Balcony Door Lock Repair DubaiIf you have a faulty Balcony Door or French Door, with Locksmith Dubai’s expertise you do not need to consider replacement. You can save hundreds of pounds by changing or repairing the locking mechanism, handles, gearing or wheels, having a Balcony Door service and also having them realigned.

Don’t Use Double Glazing Companies for Repairs

Most double-glazing companies will tend to shy away from carrying out repairs on Balcony Doors as they would rather replace them at much more expensive to the customer and will usually only offer a replacement, rather than repair. They work in an industry with tight profit margins and therefore do not generally have the experience or the equipment required to repair Balcony Door installations.

Quality Workmanship

All the parts we use offer a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty, so you can be assured your replacement parts won’t fail any time soon and you can continue to enjoy using your existing Balcony Doors with Locksmith Dubai’s tried and trusted service.  

Wide Range Of Services​​

Wide Range Of Services​​

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