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Cabinet lock Change in Dubai understands the challenges which are involved in the corporate office security. Apart from the window and door locking systems, office security has to be managed at different access levels for staff and management. It must be considered important to pay attention towards confidential documents for their protection and not only the belongings and equipment.

Your specialized plans are manifested in file cabinets locks and these are installed in all important draws and cabinet lock change. The office documentation needs a standard of secrecy rated commercial locksmith and lock repair service providers, deal with the problem, you will not have to worry about it.


A filing cabinet is a piece of furniture used to store and organize documents in homes and businesses. Many of these cabinets come equipped with locks to help keep documents secure and may include a cam or plunger-type locking mechanisms. Quite often, the owners of these cabinets have to replace these locks due to lost keys or to prevent unauthorized access in an office setting. Fortunately, it is fairly easy to replace a cabinet lock, even if you no longer have the key.

Things You’ll Need

.  Drill

.  Pliers

.  Replacement lock kit

Cabinet lock change               Cabinet lock change             Cabinet lock change

Open the cabinet drawer that is closest to the lock. If you don’t have the key, and the cabinet is locked, you have several options. Most of these locks are gravity-based, so sometimes turning the cabinet upside down will allow you to open the drawer. If not, you can drive a regular drill bit straight through the cylinder of the lock.This should be done carefully to avoid damage to the cabinet itself.

Grasp the C-shaped clip at the back of the lock with pliers. Once you’ve removed this clip, you should be able to slide the lockout of the opening.

Install your lock. Specific instructions may vary, but the general procedures are as follows. Place the key in the lock and make sure it is in the unlocked position. Insert the new lock into the opening, making sure that the keyway is upright and the cam (tailpiece) is pointing down.

Hold the C-clip flush against the inside wall of the cabinet. Insert the two prongs on the clip into the pre-drilled holes on the lock body to secure it in place.

Ensure that the lock bolt on the back of the lock aligns properly with the locking mechanism in the cabinet. Use your key to test the lock before closing the drawer.

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