Type of Safe Locks

The safe is the safest place in home or office to keep your valuables secure that is why many people are getting it installed. There are many safes available in the market, and you can choose from any safe locks, but before you make your mind you must know the type of safe locks as well as a good locksmith who can install it anywhere you like.

Type of Safe Locks installation from Locksmiths Dubai:

There are many types of safe locks which are available in the markets of Dubai, and you can get it installed by Locksmiths Dubai. some of these are listed below:

1.    Key locks:Type of Safe Locks

These are the most common type of safe locks which are tried and tested too. The open, close and locked through a key. Its main features are:
  •    Inexpensive
  •    Simple
  •    Straightforward
  •    Reliable
  •    Less maintenance
  •    Expensive key making in case you have lost the original one
  •    The losing or getting the key in someone else hand is damaging too

2.    Electronic and digital locks:

These are the most popular ones in recent years which come with a digital and electronic locking system.
  •    More affordable one
  •    Easy to use
  •    No issues in losing key
  •    Secure PIN seating in case of forgetting the old one
  •    Very good in bypassing burglary
  •     The potential of someone guessing the PIN or opening it in a fluke

3.    Fingerprint or Biometric locks:

It is a safety lock which operates through the unique fingerprints of the owner.
  • Type of Safe Locks   Perfect for high security
  •    Much more reliable
  •    Can include the eye retina scanning and choice activation technology too
  •    It helps you to use the safe without the PIN
  •    Multiple member fingerprint remembering allowing many family member or owners to open it
  •    The major drawback is it may case a scanner malfunctioning as well as unreadable due to a finger injury.

All Type of Safe Locks installed by Locksmiths Dubai:

Locksmiths Dubai fits all kinds of locks as well as safety locks which require more professional experience than any other bolt.

Wide Range Of Services​​

Wide Range Of Services​​

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