Why my car remote is not working

Car remote is a modern feature in new vehicles. It is convenient as well as ensures the high security of your vehicle. It controls some aspects of your car such as unlocking a car. Car remote is all popular and convenient until it failed to work and left you locked out of your car. It is clear that if your car remote is not working then you are unable to enter your car and cannot control it. There can be several reasons why your car remote stops working. It can be due to a dead battery or broken contact inside the remote or any other thing. So, Why my car remote is not working? This is normal and we all face these issues in our lives even after all this technology and modernization.

Why my car remote is not working

Common Reasons not working car remote:

The very common reason for car remote failure is a dead battery. Your car remote is dependable on its lithium battery and it can be a reason most of the time when it stops working. You can simply replace your car key remote battery with any trusted locksmith services provider. Dubai locksmith can do this for you in no time so you don’t have to face the problem for so long. Another reason for your remote not working is because your car remote transmitter or receiver is faulty. If the receiver or transmitter is faulty, your remote cannot interact with the receiver and failed to perform any function. This issue is difficult to deal with on your own and we highly recommend you get quick help from a professional locksmith.

Locksmith Dubai can replace and repair all your car key transmitter components and make sure they work properly:

When your car key remote is not programmed with the receiver, it cannot work. It needs to be paired with the receiver or transmitter in order to function. This is the problem that second-hand car users face. For this, you will have to reprogram your car key remote to gain your remote functionality back. A broken car remote is another reason why you are unable to control your car with your remote. 

You can get your remote checked from Locksmith Dubai. We can repair its components that are faulty and also replace them if needed. When none of the difficulties have been found and you are unsure what the problem is, give Locksmith Dubai a call and our pros will come to you. They will find out the problem quickly and provide you with solutions. If your remote is faulty we will replace your remote with another one and also program and pair it with your car transmitter and receiver. Our highly experienced and expert locksmiths are 24 hours available for any emergency service so don’t hesitate to call us anytime or any day.

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